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Studded Tires and Stud Removal

Are you tired of buying snow tires every winter and still finding that you need more traction? At Baltazar's Tire Shop, we offer the best solution— studded tires. We also offer tire stud removal for when studded tires are no longer seasonally necessary. We serve customers in Anchorage, AK, Eagle River, AK, Wasilla, AK, and other surrounding areas. When winter weather hits hard, don't be unprepared.

So, what are studded tires? We take your new tires and insert 80 to 100 studs per tire into holes molded in the tire's tread design. Studs look like short, flat nails and consist of two primary parts. The tungsten carbide pin protrudes beyond tire tread and contacts the pavement surface, while the outside part of the stud is held in the tire tread at its base. Studs are inserted flat-head-down and we use a special tool to spread the rubber and insert the stud. Only new tires can be studded, as debris from driving and worn tread will affect the process and prevent tires from being studded.

What happens at the end of winter when you don't need your winter studded tires anymore? We offer stud removal at Baltazar's Tire Shop. If the tires are relatively new with significant tread depth remaining, we can perform snow tire stud removal by lubricating the studs and removing the studs by twisting each one out with pliers. Even if the tires are older, but still have fair tread depth remaining, we can still offer stud removal, though now the tires will have less traction without the studs. For older tires, we perform stud removal in the same manner as on newer tires, but we also submerge tires in a water tank to confirm there are no air bubbles. Once studs are removed, air pressure should be checked daily to ensure there are no leaks. Whether your tires are old or new, our experienced professionals will make sure your tires are in excellent condition to drive once studs are removed.

When you are ready to take on winter's worst, our specialists will be equipped to get your tires ready for the snowiest, iciest conditions. Contact us online or call us today at (907) 332-3893 to schedule an appointment to have your tires studded or have your studs removed.

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